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Welding in Smolniki (ECHO)

During the last week, the training and service welding and fitting company Mieczysław Czajkowski moved to new premises with excellent equipment required to provide theoretical and practical training. Since July the family company of Mieczysław Czajkowski has been located in Smolniki.

- Our company was established on 1 February 2001 – said the son of the owner, Adam Czajkowski, who is a director of the company. - We offer a wide range of training courses encompassing the basic and extended scope of welding techniques. In addition to welding courses we also offer such training as construction of sanitary and heating installations, forklift transport, training for drivers of engine driven forklift trucks, training for drivers of calor gas driven forklift trucks, work safety and hygiene training and consulting services, training for operators of chainsaws and combustion engine mowers.

The company has developed very rapidly. The company started with training for unemployed and other people interested in obtaining skills in the field of welding and forklift trucks. In addition to information about courses, the company's website www.kursyszkolenia.eu provides information about the high qualifications of the instructors and numerous certificates issued by reknowned institutes such as The Welding Institute in Gliwice, Vocationary Training Centre of the Ministry of Economy in Mysłowice, Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining in Warsaw.

- We recently, in May 2009, received a certificate issued by The Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining for training of operators of earth-moving machines and equipment, as well as construction and road-building equipment such as all types of backhoe loaders class III, bucket excavators class III up to 2.5 m3, bucket loaders class III up to 0.8 m3, compactors and other machines - explained Mr. Adam Czajkowski . It is important for us to update and broaden our certified qualifications. We also want do develop the production capacity of the company.

The training, service, welding and installation company of Mr. Mieczysław Czajkowski is a family company. - Our father is the company owner – explains a son who also serves as Administrative Director, Mr. Adam Czajkowski. - My brother, Marcin Czajkowski is Technical Director. Our wives are also employed. My wife works as Director Assistant and my brother's wife is an office employee and a forklift truck driving instructor. I think that the will to cooperate is fueled by our father's character. He is a very hard-working man with huge authority. We really respect him. We can still learn a lot from him. The youngest brother has started his secondary education in a mechanics school. We want him to study and become an engineer to help us to develop the company. We also owe a lot to our mother – he added after a moment. - She is less visible in the company, but it would be difficult to achieve all this without her.

The company of Mieczysław Czajkowski is well perceived by training participants and employers who purchase its services. It is underlined not only by new orders, but also by letters of appreciation. In 2006 a training session was broadcast by TVP3, a local TV station TELE–TOP and RMF FM radio. - We are the only company in this region with such a broad range of services and numerous certificates. The slogan "You are not here for us, we are here for you" is more than just words. That is why our offer also includes accommodation for participants.

Aleksandra Skubij
Photos by Marzena Skubij
1. Marcin Czajkowski presenting the facilities to guests - a modern welding workshop.
2. Local priest, Marian Florek consecrating the new building.
3. Kazimiera and Mieczysław Czajkowski cutting the symbolic ribbon.
4. Toast by Mr. Krzysztof Harmaciński, head of the local authority.
5. Charts, instructions and machine parts in a lecture room.